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regrep message

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Subject: Revision


I have revised the CC-Review work plan based on what I perceive to be a 
complete dependency in order to make the registry work with CC's and 
BIE's. The CCTS v2 August 11 document calls for the registry to serve up 
context declarations. This leads me to one inexcapable conclusion that 
the scope of work has to be modified to include this for at least a 
preliminary pass at definition.

I quote:

Page 254 of the CCTS v 2 of Aug 11:

The registry will provide a list of pre-defined Business Information 
Entities that are
available to the selected Business Process, and which meet the Context 
specified. These will come with identified relationships to the Core 
Components upon
which they are based, and the Context rules/values that fully qualify 
them. The
registry should also return partial matches with an indication of how 
closely they
match the specified Context."

IMO - there is no option. Luckily, the model is easy to work with and I 
have already defined an XML format that will be forwards compatible as 
well as capture all that is needed.


Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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