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Subject: Re: [regrep] Update on Spec approval process

Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> Dear TC members,
> I have been educating myself on the OASIS Standards Approval Process [1].
> I learned a few relevant an interesting points undre the current rules:
> 1. A TC *CAN* give TC Approved status to a spec by voice vote in a TC 
> telecon meeting. This can be done either by
> (a) roll call or
> (b) voice vote ("all those in favor..." etc.)
> followed by chair indicating his/her judgment that numbers were met 
> (sufficient "yes"s, and no more "nos" than rule permits)
> at which time members can accept that judgment or challenge the 
> conclusion (by asking for a roll call).
> 2. The same voting process is allowed for the vote to send a TC 
> APproved spec for public review.
> 3. Neither vote requires a electronic ballot or a 2 week period.
> 4. The current process allows the "TC Approval" vote and the "Send to 
> Public Review" vote to occur in the same TC telecon meeting.
> I have already validated my interpretation of [1] with my colleague 
> Eduardo Gutentag <eduardo.gutentag@sun.com> to make sure I did not 
> misunderstand anything.

Oops in my rush I forgot to thank and acknowledge Jamie Clark for 
confirming mine and Edurado's interpretation pf [1]

> Being a pathelogical optmist I would like to propose that we make 
> every effort to have a very high turnout of TC members for tomorrow's 
> meeting so that we can have everyone's vote count if we choose to have 
> one or both votes tomorrow. Please do your best to attend and attend 
> on time. Thanks.
> [1] Standards Approval Process
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#standards_approval


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