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Subject: Re: [regrep] [regrep - RIM draft 02 comment] Compendium

Farrukh Najmi wrote:
> Richard Martell wrote:
>> 1 [MAJOR] RepositoryItem and ExtrinsicObject
>>   In section 1.5, replace occurrences of RegistryObject with
>>   ExtrinsicObject, since this is the actual type that serves as a proxy
>>   for repository items that reflect some specified content (media) type.
>>   Perhaps add a few words about using ExternalLink objects to reference
>>   items located in external repositories maintained by a third party.
>>   Or is this gambit frowned upon?
> The approach we have taken in both specs is to start very simple and 
> build up complexity incrementally. There is symmetry throughout teh 
> specs between the duality posed by having both a Registry and a 
> Repository. This is symmetrically posed throughout the spec in terms of 
> RegistryObjects (metadata) and RepositoryItems (content). There is no 
> telling whether there may be content associated with other 
> RegistryObject types in future.
> Also if you follow the library analogy through it fits very well with 
> the RegistryObjects (metadata) and RepositoryItems duality.
> Lastly, ExtrinsicObject is a name that throws peoples midns in a loop. I 
> prefer to introduce it later rather than earlier.

"In addition to the RepositoryItems, an ebXML Registry is also capable
of storing standardized metadata that MAY be used to further describe
RepositoryItems. Instances of such metadata are referred to as a

The second sentence is not quite correct, so perhaps a slightly "softer"
wording will do: "Such metadata are provided by various kinds of

Yes, I too have spend a couple of years explaining what "extrinsic"
objects are, but usually a brief explanation suffices to still the
rolling eyeballs :-)

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