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Subject: Re: [regrep] [regrep - RIM draft 02 comment] Compendium

Richard Martell wrote:
> Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>> Richard Martell wrote:
>>> 1 [MAJOR] RepositoryItem and ExtrinsicObject
>>>   In section 1.5, replace occurrences of RegistryObject with
>>>   ExtrinsicObject, since this is the actual type that serves as a proxy
>>>   for repository items that reflect some specified content (media) type.
>>>   Perhaps add a few words about using ExternalLink objects to reference
>>>   items located in external repositories maintained by a third party.
>>>   Or is this gambit frowned upon?
>> The approach we have taken in both specs is to start very simple and 
>> build up complexity incrementally. There is symmetry throughout teh 
>> specs between the duality posed by having both a Registry and a 
>> Repository. This is symmetrically posed throughout the spec in terms 
>> of RegistryObjects (metadata) and RepositoryItems (content). There is 
>> no telling whether there may be content associated with other 
>> RegistryObject types in future.
>> Also if you follow the library analogy through it fits very well with 
>> the RegistryObjects (metadata) and RepositoryItems duality.
>> Lastly, ExtrinsicObject is a name that throws peoples midns in a loop. 
>> I prefer to introduce it later rather than earlier.
> "In addition to the RepositoryItems, an ebXML Registry is also capable
> of storing standardized metadata that MAY be used to further describe
> RepositoryItems. Instances of such metadata are referred to as a
> RegistryObjects."
> The second sentence is not quite correct, so perhaps a slightly "softer"
> wording will do: "Such metadata are provided by various kinds of
> RegistryObjects."
> Yes, I too have spend a couple of years explaining what "extrinsic"
> objects are, but usually a brief explanation suffices to still the
> rolling eyeballs :-)

Another variant
"Instances of such metadata are referred to as a RegistryObjects - or 
one of its extensions, as it shall be presented later."

Diego Ballve
Digital Artefacts Europe

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