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Subject: Re: [regrep] Possible discrepancies between spec document and schemas:Which is normative?

Richard Martell wrote:

> Hi,
> In the event of a discrepancy between the spec document and a schema,
> which one is normative? This statement in ebRIM 1.4 implies the
> schemas are definitive even though it only refers to schema listings, 
> not model definitions.
> "In cases of disagreement between the ebXML Registry schema documents
> and schema listings in this specification, the schema documents take 
> precedence."

Hi Richard,

Above states correctly that schemas take precedence over spec text.

> Slots attributed to several supporting classes in ebRIM (e.g.
> EmailAddress, PersonName) appear to be missing from the the
> corresponding type definitions in rim.xsd. Have I overlooked something?

We had decided to remove these slot attributes. They were removed from 
schema and their sections were removed from spec. Unfortunately, what 
was left by accident is the row in the attribute summary table in 2 or 3 
classes. This is a minor spec issue that has no impact on 
implementations or interop. Please file an apprpriate public comment. 

I am glad we had the text you quoted in the spec for times like this.


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