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Subject: Re: [regrep] Hibernate and ebXML Registry / OMAR?


OK got it.  I guess the only other Q is then if OMAR
is able to support Hibernate - but that is more a Q for
the OMAR list and team ; -)

This is helpful in understanding the solution mix here - 
as I'm sure this question is going to come at us
somewhere down the road here.

Cheers, DW

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Diego Ballve" <diego.ballve@digital-artefacts.fi>
To: "David Webber (XML)" <david@drrw.info>
Cc: <regrep@lists.oasis-open.org>
> David
> I agree with Farrukh here. personally I'm a Hibernate user and big fan
> of it, HQL (Hibernate Query Language) is a lot more friendly than pure
> SQL. Altough, Hibernate is only a Java library and its HQL not any
> standard (yet?).. as much as it would be cool to send HQL queries my to
> registry implementation, that is still too specific for the spec layer.
> Regards,
> Diego
> -- 
> Diego Ballve
> Digital Artefacts Europe
> http://www.digital-artefacts.fi/

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