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Subject: Re: [regrep] Buiding a profile for ebXMLRR

+1 On Ivan's suggestion with a minor modification.

It would bebetter to take Ivan's proposed template and apply it to 
developing an actual profile under development
and then use the result to improve the template before finalizing it.

I volunteer to take the WS Profile update task and apply it to the 
template (with necessary modifications).
I will try and get a draft out late this week or early next week. We can 
then review that profile both for its
own content as well as for any needed changes to the template.

Does this sound OK?

Thanks Ivan (and earlier Monica) for this good suggestion.

>Dear all,
>Seeing the interesting profiles that are growing up I suggest to align
>all this interesting documents to the ebXML iic deployment template.
>For that we've already started a "Deployment Profile Template for ebXML
>RR specs" document (in attachment to this mail). The aim of this
>document is to suggest how a profile for ebXML RR have to be built and
>it tries to define what have to be profiled in a RR implementation for a
>specific domain.
>Currently there are at least this 3 profiles for ebXML RR:
>Open GIS profile
>WS profile
>CCTS Profile
>My feel is that it could be a real improvement that all this documents
>follow he same structure. More readability, more *professional* for the
>TC, more simple for building new profiles, more simple for new readers
>to understand what's a registry implementation and what's a profile,
>more simple to approve a profile for the TC, a better harmonisation,
>So a first comment for Richard, Joe and ...me: to try to harmonize "our"
>profiles to a template before a finalised version.
>Always in attachment you can find an "empty" template that is waiting
>for only to be filled by a new specific domain (regrep-xxx-profile is in
>open office 2 format!).
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fn:Farrukh Najmi

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