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Subject: Re: precious little press

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com> writes:

> / Michael Fitzgerald <mike@wyeast.net> was heard to say:
> | I must say I am surprised that the unification of Relax and Trex has not
> | gotten much press, not even on XMLHack. I can't come up with another XML
> | initiative that is more important in the /schema/ of things, especially as a
> | foil or alternative to XML Schema. Are editors getting late-night,
> | anonymous, threatening phone calls to quash the news? %^} Or perhaps we need
> | to do a bit more arm waving.
> I've been slightly surprised too. I think perhaps the official choice
> of a new name might be an appropriate occasion on which the editors
> could send another announcement to xml-dev.

If we do xml-dev announcement, maybe it'd also help to include some
specific language like:

  If you're an author or editor currently working on an XML-related book
  or article, especially if it includes discussion XML schema languages,
  contact the TREX technical committee <trex-comment@lists.oasis-open.org>
  for up-to-date information and clarification of

    * details on the TREX/RELAX unification
    * the relationship of the unified TREX/RELAX XML schema language
      to the W3C XML schema offering

    * plans for making the unified TREX/RELAX XML schema language an
      international standard

    * existing and planned tools/implementations

And I guess we ought to be pestering anybody we know personally who's
got an XML-related book in the works to try to include a reference to
TREX/RELAX (RELAX NG, if that's what's been decided)-- if it's
appropriate for the particular book, of course.

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