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Subject: Re: precious little press

It occurs to me, listening to the writers and editors on this particular
list, that a press call might not be a bad idea - set up a date and time to
do a conference call (or maybe set up a chat service somewhere, Yahoo has
voice over IP) to let those of us who aren't as up to date on the minutae of
who, what, when, where and why of TREX/RELAX to ask question and get a
better feel for what resources there are. Certainly those of us on this list
could do it, but I'd also recommend emailing editors or columnists over at
ZDNet, InfoWeek, and the like to give them a heads up as well. It'd give
some good immediate press, especially as you're not shilling a product but a
meme, and would also put both this group and OASIS up on the radar at a
higher degree of visibility.

-- Kurt Cagle

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