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Subject: Re: Invited talk at WebDB

MURATA Makoto wrote:
>I will give an invited talk at WebDB on Friday.  So far, I have said that RELAX makes 
>migration from DTDs to XML Schema easier :-)  Now that XML Schema has become a rec, I 
>cannot say so any more.  I will say that we need multiple schema languages (including 
>something like RDF Schema, XMT templates, DTD).  XML Schema will be used, but we also 
>need a simple language.  Hence, RELAX NG.

I did the talk today and was fortunately well received.  After the talk, a number of 
people (including Abiteboul, Tompa, etc.) asked questions.  On the other hand, somebody 
said to me that he is not sure if something not supported by MS will take off.  Will see.


MURATA Makoto  mura034@attglobal.net

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