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Subject: RE: Invited talk at WebDB


I fully believe that RELAX NG will pass what is known as the "meritocracy of
geeks" with flying colors. I cannot claim credit for the phrase, but I like
what it implies: when something such as a schema language is founded on good
principles, is easy to use, is not unnecessarily obfuscated, makes a lot of
sense any way you look at it, and is not presented as a marketing ploy, the
folks that really have to deal with the issues (implementation, validation,
deployment, etc.) are going to really like it. I predict that in due time,
Microsoft will announce support for RELAX NG. They have Jean Paoli and DOM,
but they also adopted SAX because I think they had to in order to get in the
groove. Who owns SAX? Who owns Linux? Nobody and everybody which presents a
challenge for MS to which they must respond. I remember in 1995 when Bill
Gates finally acknowledged the Internet as a viable 'platform' instead of
pushing MSN alone. I think the virtue of RELAX NG will prevail. MS will get
in the groove.


MURATA Makoto wrote:
>I did the talk today and was fortunately well received.  After the talk, a
number of
>people (including Abiteboul, Tompa, etc.) asked questions.  On the other
hand, somebody
>said to me that he is not sure if something not supported by MS will take
off.  Will see.

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