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Subject: Re: Attribute defaults

From: "Murata Makoto" <mura034@attglobal.net>
> ... I think that programmers can easily hardcode "default values"
> in their programs or XSLT stylesheets.

In order assign attribute defaults independently from the schema language, I
created a simple XML vocabulary  and an accompanying XSLT "meta-stylesheet".
See http://ats.nist.gov/xsltoolbox/atts.html.

One limitation of this tool is that it doesn't allow for context-sensitive
elements, although I suppose this could be supported by adding xpath
expressions to the XML vocabulary.

At any rate, I think the tool demonstrates that it isn't so unreasonable to
use XSLT rather than a schema language to specify default attributes.


Joshua Lubell, NIST
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8263
Gaithersburg MD 20899-8263 USA
(301) 975-3563

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