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Subject: Re: Issue: references to an external grammar

> Is the issue here simply whether we want a shorthand for
> <grammar>
>   <include href="...">
>     <start>
>       <ref name="..."/>
>     </start>
>   </include>
> </grammar>
> ?

I guess so. At least that was the summarization of my original

> a) an externalRef to a grammar, or
> b) a grammar whose only child is an include whose only child is a start 
> without a name attribute, or
> c) a grammar element containing an empty include element and a start 
> without a name attribute

Umm, I don't think it's easy to implement these optimizations. So if
the problem of re-reading is a serious issue, then it might be worth
considering to have something like <withGrammar> or <externalRef
href="..." name="..."/>.

Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI                          +1 650 786 0721
Sun Microsystems                   kohsuke.kawaguchi@sun.com

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