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relax-ng message

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Subject: Re: Updated issue list

David RR Webber wrote:

> I think this is an implementation issue as James noted.  Smart implementors
> of parsers
> will build in local caching and optimizations.
> I think its probably out-of-scope for us to get into version checking
> against
> remote sources via http / xml based accessing.

Conceptually, we include an external grammar once (without name 
collisions) and then reference to more than one named patterns in 
the external grammar.  Ideally, the syntax should directly reflect 
this semantics.

Here is a strawman proposal.  Rather than

<withGrammar href="u"> <ref name="p1"/> </withGrammar>
<withGrammar href="u"> <ref name="p2"/> </withGrammar>

How about 

<div withGrammar="u">
   <externalRef name="p1"/>
   <externalRef name="p2"/>




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