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Subject: Re: Alternative approach for key/keyref

James Clark wrote:

>It's certainly much weaker and in my view much more ad-hoc.

I think yours is already very weak and ad-hoc.  Rather than pretending 
to have a generalized solution, I think that we should honestly admit 
that our mechanism in RELAX NG is very weak and ad-hoc and is only 
slightly better than ID/IDREF.

> To make a fair comparison of the relative complexity you need to do a 
> formalization using inference rules that prove a keyAmbig() judgement.  If 
> you do this, I think you will find your proposal is a little simpler, but a 
> not lot.  

I will extend my rewrite, but I don't think inference rules are absolutely 
required.  7.2 does not have any inference rules and this is just fine.



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