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relax-ng message

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Subject: re: New draft

Message text written by James Clark
I put a new draft at:


I've completely rewritten section 7.1 and split it into two sections (7.1 
and 7.2).  This does not use a BNF to express the restrictions. More prose 
and examples are still needed in the various subsections of 7.1

I also split 7.4 into two sections (now 7.5 and 7.6), but have not 
otherwise rewritten it.



This is definately much nicer.  I think this is about the limit of this
more expansive text
approach.   Here's the rub.  The old version was concise and condensed. 
too much so, but it had that matehmatical elegance feel and touch.

But you are now beginning to go beyond defining the formal specifications -
and instead
writing a book about RELAX that describes copious examples and case studies
derived from the specifications.  Well you've not gone that far yet -
clearly the examples
help examplify the formal specifications to further why the formal logic is
the way it is.

Anyway - good work - and maybe we need to revisit some areas of Section 6
for consistency and complete the overall picture.  We should also STRESS
need to read the Spec's for beginning to end - and if you attempt to jump
later sections too early - you will find these are dependent on thorough 
understandings and notations developed in preceding sections.


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