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relax-ng message

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Subject: re: RELAX NG FAQ

Message text written by Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI
- Why is RELAX NG so verbose?

I think I can answer this one along the lines of:

Compared to DTD syntax all XML based schema is more

Comparing <!ELEMENT foobar ( A, ( B | C )+, D) >

to its equivalent is always going to be more verbose.
As with everything the trade-offs bring advantages.
RELAX is much more expressive than DTD, and also
fixes the omissions and limitations in DTD.  The price
is that you have to accept more syntax.

However, notice that well written and indented RELAX is
vastly more readable and significantly less verbose than
the equivalent W3C Schema offering.

Verbose tends to one of those subjective issues, but on
the whole we feel that RELAX offers a good balance and
is not excessive.

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