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relax-ng message

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Subject: more: RELAX NG FAQ

Message text written by Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI
>- Why do I need RELAX NG, when W3C XML Schema is there?

I love this one!

How about....


Consider why most people prefer to drive cars, even though
they could all be buying Hummers instead, after all Hummers
are now available.

A cursory inspection of the Requirements specification for
W3C Schema gives a good sense of how RELAX is designed
to fulfil a clear mission that is concise and descrete.

By limiting the scope to structure definitions, RELAX avoids 
the drawbacks of W3C Schema, giving a much more 
elegant and predictable toolset.

A further issue with W3C Schema is implementation 
consistency.  With a large and complex specification 
behaviour of the software implementations is an impediment
to consistent deployment.  Something you program into
your schema may not behave as you intended on certain
of your customer environments and vice versa.

A simpler specification reduces the risks and gives a
more reliable business deployment.



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