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Subject: Re: Question about WXS datatypes ID, IDREF and IDREFS

I'm sorry Eric, I should have sent it to the list...

> are two examples of schemas which are valid if the processor supports
> only WXS and invalid if it supports also DTD compatibility.

I think our terminology is that a schema is either correct or incorrect.
Then we say instances are valid or invalid.

Technically, a schema is still correct even if it violates the DTD
compatibility. It is just said to be "DTD incompatible"

Similarly, instances are still valid even if it breaks the ID/IDREF
restriction. It is just said to be not sound wrt the ID/IDREF feature.

> If I wanted to define a datatype library with added constraints such as:
> "this datatype can only appear in an attribute", would you consider this
> as "valid"? To me, it would be breaking the assumption of independence
> between the markup and the content. Furthermore, if I look at the
> definitions of the data and value patterns, such as:

You cannot define a datatype library like that, because the RELAX NG model
of datatypes don't let datatype libraries specify things like that.

What you can do is to define an additional feature of RELAX NG and
define your own conformance. You can then say "this schema is compatible
with the XYZ feature" or "this instance is sound with the XYZ feature".

Note that you still haven't changed anything written in the RELAX NG
spec. You are just adding things on top of it.

> datatypeAllows(u, ln, params, s, cx)
> There isn't enough information to check if the value is in an element or
> an attribute or a list token.
> Is this what you meant in your first sentence; that this is a feature
> (checking ID types) associated to a datatype library (which just does
> the lexical control)?

Kohsuke Kawaguchi                  408-276-7063 (x17063)
Sun Microsystems                   kohsuke.kawaguchi@sun.com

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