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Subject: RELAX NG Minutes 20 Nov 2006

Meeting: RELAX NG TC
Date: 20 Nov 2006
Agenda: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/relax-ng/200611/msg00012.html
Chair: Makoto
Scribe: Norm

Present: Norm, Makoto, David, Jirka, Martin
Absent: Kohsuke

1. Which IPR mode should we choose?

Proposal: RF on Limited Terms

In favor: Norm, Makoto, David, Jirka, Martin.
Opposed: None.


ACTION: Norm to tell OASIS TC Administrator about this decision.

2. Email ballots?

Proposal: We will allow email ballots in the future.


3. Schema use in the industry?

David asserts some problems associated with namespaces.

Martin reports some reports of use of XML Schema subsets.

Makoto reports use of RELAX NG in an eGovernment project in Japan.
Sometimes these are converted to XML Schema.

Norm reports that DocBook is adopting RELAX NG.

Makoto reports that ODF uses RELAX NG, but that the schema is less
than elegant.

4. How can we promote RELAX NG more?

New specifications? Books? New software? Papers?

Norm hopes that DocBook using RELAX NG will help.

David: The key is getting communities to use it so that they can
become the advocates. Maybe part of the answer is to figure out what
communities we feel could take advantage of RELAX NG.

Makoto: Those who understand schema languages love RELAX NG, but those
who don't just take XML Schema.

Norm muses that the real problems are associated with tools and
specifically the requirement of XML Schema in Windows tools.

Makoto hopes that the Japanese government might eventually ask
Microsoft to support RELAX NG.

David reports on the adoption of EBXML by Oracle because of a contract
with the Canadian government.

David asks about the possibility of creating "one of those OASIS 60
day discussion things" to get discussion. Maybe with a broader topic
like the future of XML schema techologies. This would get more
visibility than us just doing something internally.

Makoto we could start with mailing lists and just invite discussion.
If we get enough interest, then maybe we start something else.

3. Revising the charter

New deliverables?
  Requirements for a future version?

ACTION: Makoto to post a draft revised charter.


For a while, email will be enough.

Send in your ideas for extensions.


                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh
XML Standards Architect
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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