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Subject: RE: [saf] SAF Issue #14 - Templated syndromes & protocols

The xxxx_PARM token is problematic for string comparisons, ie: [Content/blah = ‘xxxxx_PARM’]

The xxxxx_PARM might be a valid value, and not intended to be a token.


I’m sure we could find an eyecatcher that would be an unlikely value (xxxxx_$$PARM$$), but my point is that this kind of convention muddies the spec.  I think that templates are important, but not sure we should address in the initial specification.  Would rather the initial spec be simple and clean.


Does everyone feel this is important and should be included in the initial specification, or should we defer?


From: David Snelling [mailto:David.Snelling@UK.Fujitsu.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 5:04 AM
To: Vaught, Jeffrey A
Cc: saf@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [saf] SAF Issue #14 - Templated syndromes & protocols




First, I would argue against extensions to standard XQuery. However, are we sure there is not a simple way to do this within XQuery? Something like this:



            Temp_PARM = 98.6;


            Signature = /SymptomStore/Symptom[matches(SymptomType,’^health/fever/.*$’) and Content/temperature> Temp_PARM];


Pardon the syntax. The "_PARM" could be suggested as a recommended convention to assist with redeployment, etc.



On 28 Jun 2011, at 04:37, Vaught, Jeffrey A wrote:



The proposal for template syndromes & protocols was to:

1.   Append a /template suffix on to the SyndromeType (and ProtocolType) to indicate it is a template.

2.   Add some kind of token/eyecatcher for substitutable parameters in the Syndrome signature and the Protocol directive.


For example, a template syndrome for Fever might look like this:

SyndromeType = health/fever/template

Signature = /SymptomStore/Symptom[matches(SymptomType,’^health/fever/.*$’) and Content/temperature>{temperature}

The {temperature} is the substitutable parameter.


One might copy the template, substituting parameters to create a human fever syndrome as follows:

SyndromeType = health/fever/human

Signature = /SymptomStore/Symptom[matches(SymptomType,’^health/fever/.*$’) and Content/temperature>98.6


After further discussion today, I’m concerned the proposal for template syndromes/protocols might muddy the spec, as a token in the xquery would mean XQUERY alone isn't sufficient.  Perhaps we add this to our “futures” section, or include in best practices non-normative documents.



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