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Dear Fellow Interop Participants:

I have included below an email that I got earlier today from
Jim Kobielus, our contact from Burton Group, indicating that
in order for them to provide vendor costs for participation
we would first have to provide a firm estimate of our
facility needs. 

It is critical that you read the note below and then read
the two attached documents. The first has details on the
facilities, furniture, system requirements and open issues.
The second is a strawman for the room layout that Jim
provided to help us begin discussion. We will discuss this
during the conference call next Tuesday 5/21 at 12pm EDT
(11am CDT, 9am PDT), but I'm hoping there is discussion on
the alias before then.

After Jim's note I've pasted an email that I sent earlier
after a discussion with Jim, in which I tried to summarize
some of the issues in his document to make it easier.
Clearly that didn't work :-) and though you need to read the
documents, it will help clarify where we have issues and
need input from you or just answers in general.

We have a lot more decisions to make, so please make sure
that you have at least one person with an ear to the
non-technical details (for some of you I'm sure that will be
the same person, but it can't be helped).

I've updated the spreadsheet and attached that as well.
Please review it and let me know if any information is
wrong. I've added three new columns (and removed the
Authorization Decision Assertion columns). One is for your
equipment needs, another indicating the type of demo
application you are providing and a third for who will help
with teardown (no name - no participation). Feel free to
suggest other information we should track. If any of your
values for those 3 columns is empty, you need to get that
information to me ASAP. You can send it directly to me if
you want to avoid clogging up the list.

I will follow this email with one for a final roll call.
Please respond to that as well as soon as you can.

I am a little concerned about the number of companies doing
west coast dry run. Are there any companies that could just
as easily attend the east coast dry run to even things out?

PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS. I say this to my own company (and
myself) too, the time for passive participation is over :-) 


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Open Issues Regarding Facilities, Furniture,
and Equipment for OASIS  SAML Demonstration at Catalyst 2002
in San Francisco
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 15:17:12 -0600
From: James Kobielus <jkobielus@burtongroup.com>
To: "'dee schur'" <dee.schur@oasis-open.org>
CC: pmishra@netegrity.com, carol.geyer@oasis-open.org,Kathy
Peterson<jpeterson@burtongroup.com>,Phil Schacter
<PSchacter@burtongroup.com>,Larry Gauthier
<larryg@burtongroup.com>,"'Don Bowen'" <don.bowen@Sun.COM>


Jaculynn is your Burton Group point of contact for
coordinating the press
event. Kathy Herrmann is your point of contact for
estimating vendor costs
for participating in the event. I've cc'd them both on this

FYI, Kathy can't fully estimate the costs of vendor
participation in the
demo until Don Bowen of Sun Microsystems gets back to me
with a firm
estimate of vendor facilities, furniture, lighting, power,
system, and
network requirements for the suite. Don's been designated as
the primary
technical coordinator on these matters among demo
participants. These are
all cost factors for participating vendors, and they're
issues that Kathy
will need to discuss ASAP with the Hilton San Francisco.
Only after Kathy
has negotiated these issues with the hotel can she/we get
back to you and
the vendors with an estimated cost per vendor.

On this very matter, I spoke to Don this afternoon, and he's
still trying to
coordinate these facilities etc issues with the other
participating vendors.
You might recall that last week I sent around a checklist of
these issues
for Don et al to use in framing their requirements. I also
sent around my
suggested physical layout for the demo/suite. Don said the
participants will be holding an internal coordination call
next Tuesday. I
hope they'll use my checklist and suggest design as
guidelines for defining
their firm/final requirements in these areas.

To sum up, we need, ASAP, collective closure from
Don/Prateek/et al on these
issues in order for Kathy to make sure that the
participating vendor have
what they need, logistically, to proceed with the demo.

As I said, once we have those basic requirements from
participating, Kathy
can then begin to work with you to define an anticipated
cost per vendor.



I discussed the document that Jim Kobielus sent to us
earlier this week with Jim today. In an effort to make
reading the
document "easier" I've attempted to summarize many of the
issues and questions here in this email. However, PLEASE
do take the time to read the document. 

o Identify responsible parties who will need the key for
access to this room 
- I volunteered to be the person that has responsibility for
the hospitality suite 
- We need to make sure that we put this room back into its
original shape after the demo on Monday night the 15th by
11pm. The demo will be done at 10pm and we will have one
hour to move equipment and straighten up. I MUST have
names of the people from each organization that will be in
that room helping to insure we get that done. If there is a
more appropriate person feel free to speak up and the key
(and responsibilities) are yours :-) 

o Additional requirements for lighting appliances and
- What are our lighting requirements? 
- There will be two big chandeliers and we can dim those if
we want 
- Will we need/want desk lamps? 
- Maybe one of us on the west coast near SF should take a
trip up to the Hilton and check it out. Thoughts? 

o Signage requirements for suite and all vendor stations in
suite; artwork (logos) will need to be provided by June 10th
to Kathy Herrmann 
- Again, we need to have our marketing people talk VERY soon 

o Tables 
- We first have to know who the final vendors will be. Is
anyone still on the fence about there participation? 
- What kind of equipment will you be bringing? 

o Power 
- The equipment being brought will dictate this 
- We should probably develop a master list of everything we
will be bringing, including shared networking equipment 

o Telecommunications/LAN/Internet 
- Do we need/want telephones in the room? If so, how many? 
- How many LAN connections? Will we use a big switch? 
- Will we have just one internet connection? That seems to
make the most sense. 
- Who will provide the firewall machine and configure it? 

o SAML press conference 
- Do we want to hold the press conference in the
demonstration room? It was at least initially thought that
part of the
press briefing would include a preview demonstration (this
is on the morning of the 15th) 
- Who is going to handle questions from the press during the
press conference? Is this the same person that will be
speaking during Catalyst? (Note: I am pretty sure this is
Hal Lockhart. Prateek?)


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