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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] AuthnQuery

I agree Scott, that no matter which way you go, there are some major issues that 
need to be tackled. The primary ones that I see are:

- Lack of public infrastructure where industries have specialized "identity 
providers" facilitate the exchanges. In the auto industry Covisint is hoping to 
become one.

- Lack of understanding within the large corporate IT shops re: the methods and 
best practices around identity and digital signature message encryption, and 
very little adoption

- Lack of widespread adoption perpetuates the "missing critical mass" factor, 
which further delays progress...

I am hoping that the medical informatics industry will drive the issues into 
widespread use this year and next.

john c hardin
Chair, OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee
313.279.1377 new *VONAGE* number

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global 

     Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962

Scott Cantor wrote:
> john c hardin wrote:
>> Just out of curiosity, what do you view as the issue with Liberty 
>> ID-WSF? I am delving into these two (SAML/Liberty) deeply over the 
>> summer.
> I didn't say I had any particular issue with it, I said that multi-tier 
> authentication and authorization is a really hard problem space that has 
> no easy answers. Liberty's solution happens to be articulated at a level 
> of specificity that makes it potentially interoperable in a real world 
> environment (unlike other more general proposals that I won't bother 
> identifying), but my experience has been that when people look at it, 
> they decide it's too complicated and look for easier solutions.
> But I don't think there are any. I think it comes down to whether the 
> use case justifies the pain.
> -- Scott
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