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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Minor inconsistency in SAML 2 spec?

> SAMLProfiles (sec 4.1.4) references a type of actor called a "confirming
> entity". SAMLCore (sec 3.4) references a type of party called an
> "attesting entity". They both agree on the other names of the actors
> (Requestor, Presenter, Requested subject, Relying Party and Identity
> Provider). SAMLGlossary contains no references to either actors!

Yes, it's an error in profiles. I wasn't ever happy with the term attesting
entity and I originally used confirming in both places, and it got changed
in core but not other places. The glossary obviously should have it also.

For the record, some people have complicated definitions of it, mine was
minimal, it's whoever tries to give an assertion to a relying party in order
to accomplish something. The Core definition is worded passively in a
tautological way, which is not real helpful.

-- Scott

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