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Subject: Re: [sarif] Re: Research on keyword usage


One thing to keep in mind is that capitalization is irrelevant to ISO, so differently-capitalized instances of the same word all mean the same thing in the ISO context.

     I think there is some confusion here:

On 01/16/2018 12:19 PM, Larry Golding (Comcast) wrote:
 1. *David*: Would you please add an agenda item for the next TC meeting
    to discuss whether “OASIS readiness” is an explicit goal of the
    first public release of the SARIF standard.

     Yes, I will, but I think you mean "ISO readiness."

 3. *SARIF TC*: I propose to leave the existing wording in the spec as
    is. The Terminology section states explicitly that capitalized SHALL
    and MUST have their RFC 2119/8174 meanings, and the spec does indeed
    use those keywords as defined in RFC 2119. I think the
    capitalization is sufficient to alert both native non-native English
    speaking to the special meaning of those terms. And if we were going
    to standardize on one or the other, ISO conformance would have us
    use SHOULD throughout.

     I think you mean "shall" instead of "should" in the last sentence.

 4. *David*: Would you please add an agenda item for the next TC meeting
    to allow discussion of #3? I will move that the wording be
    maintained, and that will give anybody the opportunity to speak in
    debate on that point.

     Just to make sure I understand this, do you mean this issue?



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