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Subject: RE: [sca-assembly] CD 01 revision 1 available and status of issueresolutions


I've been busy correcting the JIRA system - notes inline below.

I've also tackled the question of the resolution to Issue 14....

Yours,  Mike.

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"Martin Chapman" <martin.chapman@oracle.com>

01/07/2008 19:18

"'Anish Karmarkar'" <Anish.Karmarkar@oracle.com>, "'OASIS Assembly'" <sca-assembly@lists.oasis-open.org>
RE: [sca-assembly] CD 01 revision 1 available and status of issue resolutions

I just went through the JIRA logs and the email archive for minutes and here's what I

> 14: done only as it applies to the component property. The resolution
> was only for component property, but this should apply to composite
> property, component type property (what about
> constrainingType property?)

Well, here is a matter of interpretation.  I can't actually see any place in the resolution of Issue 14 that says
it applies only to component property:


I must admit that I expected that the way of declaring property values that is found in this resolution
would apply to any place where a property value can be declared - and that would mean it applies
to <property/> in <componentType/> and also <property/> in <composite/>.  Of course in those
cases the <property/> element has to also declare the type and whether multiple values are

If other folk don't agree with my interpretation, then I'll be happy to raise another issue which will
simply call for the application of the resolution of Issue 14 to <property/> in composites and in


> 17: JIRA not updated with the resolution, so don't know what to apply

Resolution to 17 is recorded in the minutes of 19th February. Jira needs to be


<mje>JIRA is updated and also contains a link to the actual resolution text</mje>

> 18: depends on 12, 12 is closed but don't see it being
> applied. Also the
> problem as stated in 18 doesn't exist.

Issue 18 was resolved on the 5th Feb 08 call.


Has this reolution been folded in, thus making it look like the problem didn't exist?

<mje>Issue 18 resolution depends on the resolution of Issue 12 - Issue 12 must be applied first...</mje>

As for 12, the JIRA change history has Scott recording it as resolved and closed on
the same day, and the minutes record the approved motion to "Close and Resolve...."


I believe this was before we became more precise in the usage of the terms resolve and
close, and thus I believe closing it is a mistake. Therefore it suggest we correct it
back to resolved and let the editors apply the change.

<mje>Issue 12 was incorrectly marked as "Closed" - I have changed this to "Resolved" - please apply
the resolution for this one BEFORE 18 </mje>

> 22: is this a dup of 35? 35 is closed by does not have the
> resolution in

<mje>Issue 22 does not appear to be a duplicate of Issue 35.  The resolution for Issue 22 addresses
specific lines in the spec that are not dealt with by Issue 35.  Please apply the changes as described in
the resolution for Issue 22 here:



35 was resolved on the 8th Jan 08 call:
Jira should be updated with this link to recored the decision.

<mje>JIRA for Issue 35 updated with a pointer to the minutes above</mje>

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