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sca-assembly message

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Subject: Draft minutes of 2010-04-27 are attached

Title: SCA-Assy - 2010-04-27




27 APR 2010



Mark Combellack Avaya, Inc. Group Member
Eric Wells Hitachi, Ltd. Group Member
Bryan Aupperle IBM Group Member
David Booz IBM Group Member
Mike Edwards IBM Group Member
Simon Holdsworth IBM Group Member
Diane Jordan IBM Group Member
Peter Niblett IBM Group Member
Derek Dougans Individual Group Member
Jeff Estefan Jet Propulsion Laboratory:* Group Member
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation Group Member
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation Group Member
Rich Levinson Oracle Corporation Group Member
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation Group Member
Jeff Mischkinsky Oracle Corporation Group Member
Gilbert Pilz Oracle Corporation Group Member
Aninda Sengupta Oracle Corporation Group Member
Sanjay Patil SAP AG* Group Member
Plamen Pavlov SAP AG* Group Member
Sabin Ielceanu TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member
Eric Johnson TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member
Danny van der Rijn TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member
Scott Vorthmann TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member


Martin Chapman
Mike Edwards


Eric Wells


1. Roll call
Scribe confirmation
Agenda bashing

2. Approval of minutes of previous SCA-Assembly TC meeting


3. Action Items

id=2010-03-02-3 status=pending owner="MikeE" Improve test Suite SPI to address other issues raised by JimM

4. TC Administrivia

a) SCA Assembly V1.1 second public review of 15 days:
ended on 4th March 2010

One public review comment received:

5. New Issues

ASSEMBLY-228: Update XSD Declarations for wireFormat and operationSelector types
Proposal is in JIRA

Proposal to Reopen Issues 132 & 149:
Discussion of this proposal:

Note: Reopening an Issue takes a 2/3rds majority vote

6. 1.1 Test Suite Open Issues

ASSEMBLY-206: Test 5032 and 5034 uses runtime-specific URIs

7. 1.2 Specification Open Issues

ASSEMBLY-227: Promotion of consumers and producers undermines composability


Latest discussion:


[1]  Opening
[2]  Action Items

ai: id=2010-03-02-3 status=pending owner="MikeE" Improve test Suite SPI to address other issues raised by JimM
[3]  TC Administrivia
[4]  New Issues
[5]  AOB
Table of Resolutions
Table of Action Items

Action Items



(Autoreply) sleeping -- zzzzzzzzz - dreaming of IM's

Scribe: Eric Wells

Bob sends regrets - so I'm filling in


Roll call: 20/21 = 95% - Quorate
Agenda - as posted
Have started separating 1.1 and 1.2 issues for clarity
topic; Approval of Minute
Resolution: Minutes of 20100420 accepted w/o

Action Items

ai: id=2010-03-02-3 status=pending owner="MikeE" Improve test Suite SPI to address other issues raised by JimM

TC Administrivia

Pulic review ended on 4th March 2010
One public review comment received:

see reopening ASSEMBLY-132 & ASSEMBLY-149 below

New Issues

ASSEMBLY-228: Update XSD Declarations for wireFormat and operationSelector types
Describes issue regarding wire formst
Motion: m=MikeE s=EricJ Open ASSEMBLY-228
Resolution: ASSEMBLY-228 opened w/o
S/B easy to resolve - describes proposal in JIRA
No questions or comments
Motion: m=MikeE s=DaveB Resolve ASSEMBLY-228 with poposal in JIRA
Resolution: Resolve ASSEMBLY-228 with poposal in JIRA w/o
<Mike Edwards>
Links to the issues:
<Mike Edwards>
Summarizes topics of ASSEMBLY-132 & ASSEMBLY-149
<Mike Edwards>
<Mike Edwards>
...originaly public comments
Reviews motive and revision to Sanjay's original proposal
Attached to proposal to reopen
Thanks to the authors of the 'implementation type documentation requirements' and the 'test suite adaptation specification'. I think my original proposal was more of an outline and these documents make the proposal solid and worthy.
SCA Assembly MODEL is becomming std reference model for lots of work in NASA/academia
...would be extremely useful to embrace many domain specific languages - not just the SCA implementation specs
Would probably be best to separate langauge from bindings issues
...maybe reopen 132 as language and 149 as binding
Points out original proposal has documents attached that seems to have been overlooked.
Test Suite Adaption document:
Implementation Type document
ODT format versions
Clarification on "Publically available"
...i.e. how much can I charge for these docs and could I require an NDA to to be able to view/use them?
...OASIS cannot require anyone to make anything available/public
What if a conformant SCA is deployed in a non-conformant manner?
...I.E. they use a different implementation language
...why do we care if the deployed SCA is conformant or not?
Also - why can't OASIS require public availability for the document(s)
Notes there is no current proposal
May be better to vote on reopening before spending tto much time
Individual customer could ask vendor to comply with spec - doesn't require CSA involvement
...groups of customers could agree on what is required - CSA could provide framework for "self policing"
Would be great if we could get all languages std at OASIS, but realistically need to include in some way those are not std
No objection to opening against 1.2, but too much work and delay for 1.1
If reopened would be against 1.1 - if against 1.2 open a new issue
Also note that these were Public Comments on 1.1
SCA Assembly model needs to be std as soon as possible
Wary that unless done very carefully will allow a vendor to claim to be a std while only having proprietary implementations
...think we shouldn't reopen for 1.1 but can consider for 1.2
Motion: m=JeffM s=AnishK Reopen ASSEMBLY-132 and ASSEMBLY-149 against 1.1 spec
Issue keeps coming up and seems to be a real requirement for some
...but what is the risk if vendors only support their own implementations?
This proposal "levels the ground" and would require all implementation types to conform in the same manner
keeping the door open for composition of proprietary implementation types with other proprietary or standardized implementation types would be in important customer requirement.
...vendor may or may not charge for test suite etc - but is required to provide proof
allowing vendors to claim sca conformance with proprietary implementation types gives an opportunity and confidence to customers and other vendors to build the needed composition tools
If this is too much work for 1.1 then ALL impelmentation dependent terminology for 1.2
Not sure if thei would require a public review - would need to consult OASIS staff
Time has expired
this is new functionality, how could it not require a pub review - and if it is not a formal spec then i think it is clearly the wrong thing to do
Martin can you please post the roll to the chat?


None - no stragglers heard
Meeting adjorned 9:02AM PDT

[End of Minutes]
Formatted on 2010-05-03 at 12:05:39 GMT-4

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