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sca-bpel message

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Subject: about issue number ...

Hi Anish,

Completely agree with you.
Before we figured our issue mgmt solution (JIRA), email conversation 
correlation things would be a bit difficult.

I have compiled the issue list manually already:

I have assigned a temp number from 1 to 6 to these 6 issues.
If you guys prefer, I can reply with a modified subject containing the 
issue number.

The only concern is: when we eventually got our JIRA-like system, not 
sure those numbers can still be valid, after I encounter those issues 
into the system.

Let's discuss this in tomorrow conf call, I guess.


Alex Yiu

Anish Karmarkar wrote:
> Per the issues process that we agreed on, during the last f2f:
> A new issue will not be discussed till it is assigned a number. Once 
> it is assigned a number that number will be included in the subject so 
> that we can search for discussion on a particular issue. I would 
> prefer that when the issues editor assigns a number he would reply to 
> the 'NEW ISSUE' email with the issue number and a modified subject 
> containing the issue number.
> Given that we haven't figured out issue mgmt (JIRA) yet, this is not 
> possible right now. Which is a little frustrating.
> Martin: do you know if we have any resolution from the OASIS admin 
> regd. JIRA?
> Thanks.
> -Anish

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