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sca-bpel message

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Subject: [sca-bpel] Unformatted minutes of 2008-04-24 SCA-BPEL TC call

Unformatted minutes of 2008-04-24 SCA-BPEL TC call

[17:06] anonymous morphed into anish
[17:06] anish: Agenda:
[17:12] Dieter Koenig:  1. Roll Call

2. Appointment of scribe
Rotating list attached below

3. Agenda bashing

4. Approval of Apr 17, 2008 meeting minutes

5. Action items review

#0021 chairs to follow up with Mary to post the CD docs to OASIS repository

#0035 Create a proposal for Issue 16 - Ambiguous Service Resolution

6. New Issues


7. Status of JIRA - Is issues log up-to-date (issue 2, issue 14 and issue

8. Artifact URI Proposal from OpenCSA Liaison Committee

Proposal contained in this email:

9. Issue Discussion

a) Issue 14 http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-14
This issue was reopened last week. Two things need to be decided
i) value of mustUnderstand
ii) namespace for 'requires' attribute

b) Issue 15 http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-15
TITLE- Define Conformance Targets
SUBMITTED BY- Martin Chapman

Review of section 2.1 from CD-01-rev3 at

c) Issue 18 http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-18
TITLE- Need to rewrite the SCA-BPEL specifications with RFC-2119

d) Issue 16 http://osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-16
TITLE- Ambigous Service Resolution
SUBMITTED BY- Dieter Koenig

10. AOB
[17:13] Dieter Koenig: Scribe: Dieter
[17:13] Dieter Koenig: *** Meeting not yet quorate ***
[17:15] Dieter Koenig: Action item review
[17:16] Dieter Koenig: Revisit AI 35 in two weeks
[17:18] anish: liaison committee proposal:
[17:28] Dieter Koenig: Motion (Martin C) to adopt the proposal
[17:29] Dieter Koenig: Seconded by Sanjay
[17:30] Dieter Koenig: Adopted w/o objection -- not yet a TC decision (call
still not quorate)
[17:36] Dieter Koenig: Anish takes an AI to update the RDDL files and the
XSD file names (including their references in the specification)
[17:37] Dieter Koenig: Issue discussion
[17:37] Dieter Koenig: Issue 14
[17:42] Dieter Koenig: Issue 14 needs to be marked reopened in JIRA
[17:43] Dieter Koenig: Martin: the mustUnderstand discussion should be
moved into a separate issue
[17:44] Dieter Koenig: Anish: the namespace for @requires should be
resolved as part of the issue 14 resolution
[17:45] Dieter Koenig: Martin takes an AI to open a new issue for the BPEL
mustUnderstand discussion
[17:48] Dieter Koenig: Sanjay: should @requires be in a new namespace in
order to allow for different mustUnderstand specifications?
[17:56] Dieter Koenig: Najeeb: don't need mustUnderstand=yes in non-SCA
aware environments
[17:56] Dieter Koenig: Martin: need a separate issue for this discussion
[17:59] Dieter Koenig: Anish takes over Martin's AI to open an issue for
the mustUnderstand discussion
[18:00] Dieter Koenig: The only left item in Issue 14 is about the
namespace of @requires
[18:00] Dieter Koenig: AOB
[18:01] Dieter Koenig: *** complete meeting without quorum ***
[18:01] Dieter Koenig: Meeting adjourned

Kind Regards
 Dieter König                          Mail: dieterkoenig@de.ibm.com         IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
 Senior Technical Staff Member         Tel (office): (+49) 7031-16-3426      Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats:
                                                                             Martin Jetter
 Architect, Business Process           Fax (office): (+49) 7031-16-4890      Geschäftsführung: Herbert Kircher
 Member, Technical Expert Council      Tel (home office): (+49) 7032-201464  Sitz der Gesellschaft: Böblingen
                                       Schönaicher Strasse 220, 71032        Registergericht: Amtsgericht
                                       Böblingen, Germany                    Stuttgart, HRB 243294

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