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Subject: Re: [sca-j] ISSUE 50: Define an API to call References whose SEIis not know at Design time


Savchenko, Vladimir wrote:
> TARGET: Java Common Annotations and APIs, WD 03
> Currently the spec is missing an API to do dynamic calls. E.g. assuming 
> that there is a framework that based on some metadata dynamically 
> creates SDO DataObjects, knows which is the SCA reference to be invoked, 
> knows the operation name. Then an API to do a dynamic call to this 
> reference is very convenient.
> The SDO specification defines the so called Data Access Service entity, 
> which is an abstract entity used to call services. As far as I am aware 
> – the DAS API is not specified too formally.
> Maybe the focus of SCA-J is not to have such APIs at the end. And leave 
> it as a vendor specific solution, but it would be interesting to discuss 
> what t do in such case.
> This issue is not related to JAVA-1 - which is about calling SCA 
> References or Services from outside SCA Managed code.
> This is rather to call a refernce from inisde a SCA managed component, 
> but not knowing or caring or having, the actual interface.
> 1. Come to a conclusion whether this is part of the spec, or should be 
> vendor specific
> 2. If it should be part of the spec - analyze different approaches how 
> it can be done
> 3. If it should be vendor specific - at least provide APIs how to do it.

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