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Subject: Re: [sca-j] ISSUE 51: More examples on <interface.wsdl> mapping toJava


Savchenko, Vladimir wrote:
> TARGET: Java Common Annotations and APIs, WD 03
> The current specification is missing a detailed description of how 
> <interface.wsdl> is mapped to a Java class.
> IMO SCA-J and SCA-Bindigs specs have focused on the so called 
> “Inside-Out”-case. E.g. start with the Java Implementation, and then 
> expose it as web service. Most of the issues relate to this process, and 
> most of the examples are – “component with service with interface.java, 
> promoted to service on composite level with interface.wsdl”.
> If I am mistaken – then I appologise myslef…
> But – it seems that a more common scenario is when one starts with WSDL. 
> This would mean that “interface.java” does not need to be mentioned at 
> all. And we will have components with a Service element with 
> ‘interface.wsdl’.
> The SCA-J tells for this – just follow JAX-WS. But there are no examples.
> And there are really intetresting cases. e.g.
> -> Use JAX-WS and JAXB for data binding
> -> Use JAX-WS and SDO for data binding
>  > Use Static SDO
>  > Use dynamic SDO
> -> How to handle the WS Annotations coming from JSR 181, and how are 
> they related to the ones defined in SCA-J ?
> I am not telling that the current spec does not address this topic. Just 
> that it may be enriched with more examples and made more formal, so that 
> we can reach some state of interoperability on this topi at some point 
> of time.
> No proposal yet. I have some ideas, but I would like to collect more 
> feedback, and then create a common proposal for this.

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