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Subject: Updating the cover page of the testcase doc to reference the zipfile


I did get a response from the TC admin last week regarding our desire to 
update the front page of the POJO test case doc to reference the zip 
file in the related work section. The short answer is: if we want to 
update it, we have to go through another PR. Let's discuss this on the 
next call.

Looking at the OASIS process doc [1], I believe the TC admin (Robin) is 
right wrt to this. The relevant paragraph from the process doc:

"(6) Allowed changes. Any change made to a Work Product requires a new 
version or revision number, except for changes made to (a) the approval 
status, (b) the date, (c) the URIs of the Work Product as appropriate, 
(d) the running header/footer, (e) updates to the file names of all Work 
Product files and any references between them, (f) any approved 
Designated Cross-Reference Changes, or (g) when a Committee Note Public 
Review Draft is approved as a Committee Note or a Committee 
Specification is approved as an OASIS Standard, and prior to its 
publication, any references to a Committee Specification may be updated 
if the referenced Committee Specification has subsequently been approved 
and published as an OASIS Standard. All of 6(a-g) must be made after the 
approval of the Work Product as a Committee Specification Draft, 
Committee Note Draft, Committee Note, Committee Specification, Candidate 
OASIS Standard, or OASIS Standard."


[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php

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