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Subject: Re: [search-ws-comment] SRU/CQL: clarification about fatal diagnostics

Hello Ray,

Am 14.06.2012 16:40, schrieb Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress:
> For the SRU case, see section 11 (of SRU 2.0) "Diagnostics". There are
> surrogate and non-surrogate diagnostics, and there are fatal and non-fatal
> diagnostics. But a fatal diagnostic (which is what we're talking about) is
> always non-surrogate.

Yes, I'm aware of surrogate and non-surrogate diagnostics.

> Surrogate diagnostics go in <records>,  non-surrogate in <diagnostics>, thus
> fatal diagnostics go in <diagnostics>.

Maybe the section in the spec could be a little improved, by extending
the example in the specification and indicate the other XML elements, so
people don't get the wrong impression to just return the <diagnostics>
elements. (And additionally maybe indicate that, if the endpoint can
know the operation, it can wrap it in the appropriate response element).

 Non-surrogate, fatal diagnostic:
 <explainResponse xmlns="...">
     <diagnostic xmlns="http://www.loc.gov/zing/srw/diagnostic/";>
       <message>Too many boolean operators, the maximum is 10. Please
                try a less complex query.</message>

Thank you and best regards,
Oliver Schonefeld
Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Zentrale Forschung
R5, 6-13, D-68161 Mannheim
+49-(0)621-1581-451 | http://www.ids-mannheim.de

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