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Subject: Draft Message to SRU implementors

Draft Message to SRU implementors. Again, quick feedback appreciated.

The OASIS Search Web Services Technical Committee is considering a number of
technical issues (and more will come up) that may be of interest to SRU
implementors and we want these issues to be discussed on the SRU
implementors list.

We have sketched the following procedure to organize these discussions and
try to keep them focused, coherent, and productive.

For each such issue, one of the Chairs (Matthew Dovey or I) will post an
initial message to this list. After that, there can be free-for-all
discussion over this list. Committee members will participate in the
discussion. (Everyone on the committee is subscribed to this list.) Separate
threads will be initiated for each issue, with meaningful subject lines. The
committee chairs (Matthew and I) will try to keep discussion within a thread
focused on the single issue. Each initial message (message initiating a
thread) will reflect committee collaboration to synthesize the issue  but
there will be no attempt to constrain discussion after that, other than
trying to keep discusion focused on the topic.

The first of these messages will be posted soon.

Note that a discussion document has been issued for public review.
Word: http://docs.oasis-open.org/search-ws/v1.0/DiscussionDocument.doc
PDF: http://docs.oasis-open.org/search-ws/v1.0/DiscussionDocument.pdf
HTML: http://docs.oasis-open.org/search-ws/v1.0/DiscussionDocument.html

That document states:
" It is expected that this standard, when published, will deviate from SRU.
How much it will deviate cannot be predicted at this time. The fact that the
SRU spec is used as a starting point for development should not be cause for
concern that this might be an effort to fast track SRU.  The committee hopes
to preserve the useful features of SRU, but not to preserve those that are
not considered useful. "

The committee wants to stress the fact that you can have a significant
impact on the development of the standard without being on the committee.
This mechanism we are establishing for discussing these topics over this
list is your opportunity to have that impact.  I can guarantee that all
discussion on this list will be taken quite seriously by the committee.

Note also, if you want to become a member of this committee, please contact
Matthew or me.

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