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Subject: RE: [security-services-comment] Comments on Keywords in MetadataExtensions for Login and Discovery User Interface Version

> I am writing on the behalf of Kalmar Union. We are in the planning to start
> using MDUI in production. We are now preparing guidelines for institusions
> and SPs. We stumbled upon one thing: Keywords seem to be space
> separated. Does that mean that keywords can only be single worded strings,
> or does it mean that spaces in keywords somehow needs to be escaped?

Both, I suppose. XML lists are space delimited. Escaping them would involve something specification-imposed, basically, or the XML syntax would have to change.

> I would like to request support for having multi-worded keywords. Keywords
> are very generic and might be used for alot of things, like alterntive
> representation of the name of an institusion or name of a city; both which
> may be 'multi-worded'.

Is your intent to say that a multi word keyword only matches if the user enters all of the words?

I can't see a lot of value, but if it's really that important, I would prefer to use an escaping convention in place of changing the syntax. Perhaps just replacing space with +.
-- Scott

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