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Subject: Minutes of 9 January 2001 Security Services TC telecon

Many thanks for Karl Best for taking the minutes at the initial
meeting, and to Marc Chanliau for serving as the initial chair.

Everyone, please review these minutes at your earliest convenience
for accuracy and ACTION items.  Please report errors by replying to
this message.

(BTW, we've managed to have a stellar record for unique first names
so far.  The only duplicates are Marc/Mark, Dave/David, Tim, Jason,
and Bob/Robert... :-)

			*		*		*

Minutes of the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee telecon
9 January 2001

* Welcome: Marc Chanliau, Netegrity, chair

* Roll Call: Karl Best, OASIS

The following people attended the meeting.  In addition to observers, there 
were 55 eligible attendees who asked for membership.  Thus, quorum for our 
next meeting is set at 28, unless some members choose to drop out or revert 
to observer status, or unless there are errors in the roll.

Stephen Farrell <sfarrell@baltimore.com>
Merlin Hughes <mhughes@baltimore.com>
Patrick McLaughlin <pmclaughlin@baltimore.com>
Irving Reid <irving.reid@baltimore.com>
Greg Wilson <greg.wilson@baltimore.com>

Krishna Sankar <ksankar@cisco.com>

Zahid Ahmed <zahid.ahmed@commerceone.com>

Norbert Mikula <Norbert@DataChannel.com>

Hal Lockhard <hal.lockhart@entegrity.com>

Carlisle Adams <carlisle.adams@entrust.com>
Alex Berson <alex.berson@entrust.com>
Robert Griffin <robert.griffin@entrust.com>
Tim Moses <tim.moses@entrust.com>

Nigel Edwards <nigel_edwards@hp.com>
Joe Pato <joe_pato@hp.com>
Jason Rouault <jason_rouault@hp.com>

Maryann Hondo <mhondo@us.ibm.com>

Kelly Emo <kemo@jamcracker.com>
David Orchard <dorchard@jamcracker.com>

Valerie Beaubien <vbeaubien@netegrity.com>
Sumner Blount <sblount@netegrity.com>
Marc Chanliau <mchanliau@netegrity.com>
Dave Jablon <djablon@netegrity.com>
Prateek Mishra <pmishra@netegrity.com>
Keith O'Leary <koleary@netegrity.com>

Jeff Hodges <jhodges@oblix.com>
Charles Knouse <cknouse@oblix.com>

Steve Anderson <sanderson@opennetwork.com>
Duane Hamilton <dhamilton@opennetwork.com>
Michael Lyons <mlyons@opennetwork.com>

Britta Glade <bglade@securant.com>
Eric Olden <eric@securant.com>
Darren Platt <dplatt@securant.com>

Arny Epstein <aepstein@silverstream.com>

Sai Allavarpu <sai.allavarpu@eng.sun.com>
Chris Ferris <chris.ferris@east.sun.com>
David Hofert <david.hofert@sun.com>
Eve Maler <eve.maler@east.sun.com>
Brian Schussler <brian.schussler@sun.com>

Paul Ashley <paul_ashley@tivoli.com>
Bob Blakley <George_Robert_Blakley_III@tivoli.com>
Marlena Erdos <marlena@us.ibm.com>
Heather Hinton <Heather_Hinton@tivoli.com>
Sridhar Muppidi <Sridhar_Muppidi@tivoli.com>
Mark Vandenwauver <Mark_Vandenwauver@tivoli.com>

Warwick Ford <WFord@verisign.com>
Phillip Hallam-Baker <pbaker@verisign.com>
Thayne Lambeck <tplambeck@verisign.com>

Tony Palmer <tony@vordel.com>

Jeremy Epstein <jepstein@webmethods.com>

John Baker <JBaker@axent.com>
Michah Lerner <michah@att.com>
Bob Morgan <rlmorgan@washington.edu>
Jason Penney <jason.penney@brokat.com>
Anders Rundgren <anders.rundgren@telia.com>

Propsective members (OASIS members observing at this meeting who missed the 
registration deadline, but who can become members after 60 days):
Alan Byrne - Vordel
Marc Fastiggi <mfastiggi@crosslogix.com>
Herb Erickson - Silverstream
David McNeely <dmcneely@netscape.com>
Bill Perry <wmperry@aventail.com>
Adam Pristina - Netscape
Evan Promrodou <evan@outlook.net>
Gilbert Tilz - Jamcracker
David Wine <david.wine@entitlenet.com>
Tim Winston - Aventail
Ken Yagen <kyagen@crosslogix.com>

ACTION: If your email address is missing from the list above, please send 
it to Karl Best.

Other observers:
Karl Best <karl.best@oasis-open.org>
Sanjeve Hirve <shirve@cyberelan.com>
Ed Simon <ed.simon@entrust.com>
Prakash Ramamurthy <prakash@oblix.com>

* Chairmanship: Karl

Marc Chanliau resigns his position.  Eve Maler (Sun) is nominated by Marc 
Chanliau, seconded by Norbert Mikula.  Elected by unanimous consent.

Eve notes that OASIS TCs are run with reference to the OASIS bylaws [1] and 
Robert's Rules of Order [a handy source of which is at [2]].

* Reexamine TC charter/scope

The original TC proposal is at [3].

New statement of purpose, by unanimous consent:

"The purpose of the XML-Based Security Services TC is to define an XML 
framework for exchanging authentication and authorization information."

New list of deliverables and projected dates, by unanimous consent:

"The XML-Based Security Services TC will produce set of one or more 
Committee Specifications that cover use cases and requirements, core 
assertions, protocols, bindings, and a conformance suite, all of the 
aforementioned to be examined with respect to security considerations.  The 
work will take the S2ML specification and the intended submission of 
AuthXML, along with any other relevant and timely submissions, into 
consideration.  The goal (subject to revision) is to publish a 
substantially complete set of Committee Specifications by 1 June 2001, and 
submit a Committee Specification to the OASIS membership for its approval 
by 1 September 2001."

The intent is to allow enough time between 1 June and 1 September for 
implementation against the conformance suite.

* Fill required positions:

Eight subcommittees were agreed on, by unanimous consent.  Leaders 
(effectively combination chair/editors) for the subcommittees have been 
assigned as follows:

Coordinating editor: Bob Blakley, Tivoli
Use Cases and Requirements: Darren Platt, Securant
Core Assertions: Phil Hallam-Baker
Protocols: Tim Moses, Entrust
Bindings: Prateek Mishra, Netegrity
Conformance Suite: Krishna Sankar, Cisco
Security Considerations: Jeremy Epstein, WebMethods

Other positions assigned:

Issues list maintainer: Hal Lockhard, Entegrity
Web page maintainer: Marc Chanliau, Netegrity
Secretary: Heather Hinton, Tivoli

The following efforts would benefit from liaison with our own; there may be 
others later:

- ebXML
- XML Encryption
- XML Protocol

ACTION: If you are interested in serving as an official Security Services 
TC liaison with one or more of these efforts, please announce this fact on 
the mailing list before the next meeting.  (Maryann Hondo was mentioned as 
an ebXML liaison, but we didn't catch the other names mentioned.)  This 
will be determined at the next meeting.

Subcommittees will set their own meeting schedules and be managed 
internally as each leader sees fit; presumably they can get started right 
away.  They will be expected to submit a report at each "plenary" TC 
meeting.  Mailing lists can be created for subcommittees by request to Karl 

ACTION: If you are interested in joining a subcommittee, send mail to its 
leader as soon as possible.

Very likely, the leaders of the subcommittees will meet separately to 
handle coordination issues.  Bob will run these meetings, but Eve will be 
available to help as necessary.

* Meeting schedule

Two possible dates mentioned for the first face-to-face (F2F) meeting are 
25 January and 9 February.

ACTION: Eve to fix the date of the first face-to-face (F2F) meeting after 
collecting availability data through the Evite.com meeting scheduler.

Teleconference calls will be conducted every other Tuesday.  The next 
telecon will be January 23 at 9-11am PST/12 noon-2pm EST/5-7pm GMT.  This 
time slot may change in the future, and the length of the biweekly telecons 
may be reduced to one hour.  Telecons will be hosted by Netegrity.

ACTION: Marc to set up the telecon and send out the phone number information.

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.shtml
[2] http://www.constitution.org/rror/rror--00.htm
[3] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/security-services/200101/msg00010.html
Eve Maler                                          +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center    eve.maler @ east.sun.com

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