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Subject: Re: New Name !

At 01:20 PM 1/23/01 -0800, Krishna Sankar wrote:
>         Here are my thoughts on the new name:
>         1.      We could add the word eXchange somewhere in the name to 
> make it more clear that our mission in life is exchange security info.
>         2.      Like many pointed out, Authentication could imply more 
> stuff. Generic Security Services will make our work extensible to other 
> required areas.
>         3.      I do not believe in restricting to auth and 
> authorization, in the
>         3.      My humble suggestion is "Security Services eXchange 
> Markup Language"
>cheers and happy new year (It is the eve of the Chinese New year here in
>         Remember "Rose by any other names smells as sweet"

I don't want to express an opinion here on "security" services vs. 
something more specific, but Krishna's suggestion reminded me of something:

I think the world is getting very tired of n-letter acronyms, and I strive 
to find interesting words/names for my projects that don't have to be 
spelled in all caps.  If the expansion were something like "Security 
Services eXchange [Markup Language]", the short form could be "Sussex"...

Eve Maler                                          +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center    eve.maler @ east.sun.com

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