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Subject: Re: lookup by artifact

I would like to suggest that the lookup send the entire artifact, not just the
assertion handle. This allows the lookup to be used for for future artifact
implementations as well as the specifed 0x0001 artifact. Since the artifact
contains the type code, the SAML processor servicing the lookup can determine
how to handle the artifact or reject it (which shouldn't happen with a
legitimate artifact that was created by the same site). I  also suggest that
the artifact element be of type string with no explicit size limits, to allow
future artifacts of different sizes.


"Mishra, Prateek" wrote:

> Hi Phil,
> Following the white board discussion at
> F2F#4, please add the following new element to
> <samlp:RequestType>.
> Proposed Changes:
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> <element name "AssertionHandle" type="string">
> with <samlp:RequestType> modified to read:
> <complexType name="RequestType">
>                 <complexContent>
>                         <extension base="samlp:RequestAbstractType">
>                                 <choice>
>                                         <element name="Query"
> type="samlp:QueryAbstractType"/>
>                                         <element ref="saml:AssertionID"
> maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
>                          <element ref="AssertionHandle"
> maxOccurs="unbounded" />
>                                 </choice>
>                         </extension>
>                 </complexContent>
> </complexType>
> The following changes to text in 2.2.2 for core-16 are also proposed:
> The <Request> element specifies a SAML request. This may contain either a
> query, a request for one or more assertions identified by their
> AssertionIDs, or a request for one or more
> assertions identified by their AssertionHandles. AssertionHandle is an
> opaque value which is interpreted and de-referenced only by the entity that
> created the AssertionHandle.
> - prateek
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