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Subject: Re: [security-services] SOAP 1.1 schema namespace processsing

IIRC, Martin Gudgin had knocked out a XML Schema REC
compliant schema for SOAP1.1. Yes, here is the announcement:




Rich Salz wrote:

>> My question, I guess, is whether or not any SOAP processors one might
>> use to construct a SAML request are likely to embed xmlns:xsd or
>> xmlns:xsi anywhere, possibly referencing 1999 (since that's SOAP 1.1's
>> timeframe)?
> Most of the SOAP implementations I know declare the schema and 
> schema-instance namespaces.
> While SOAP1.1 officially points to an obsolete draft of the XMLSchema 
> standard, the consensus among the soap interoperability folks (the 
> soapbuilders mailing list at yahoogroups), is to use SOAP 1.1 with the 
> official Schema standard.  Many will accept any of three XML Schema 
> URI's, and try to generate a reply in the same namespace, but that is 
> considered an interim measure.
> I think you'll see no pushback from the SOAP developers community if you 
> specify SOAP 1.1 with the XML Schema NS.
>     /r$

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