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Subject: [security-services] Re: [security-editors] Updated Issues List

Thanks for all your work on this doc Hal. 

> Hal Lockhart wrote:
> 21 new issues have been opened and marked in yellow. Some of them have not
> been discussed for some months, but I did not want anything to drop through
> the cracks. All new issues have a Champion designated. In some cases this was
> an arbitrary choice on my part, but it should help us with getting things
> closed, as the champions at least commented on the issue at some point.

sounds good.

> There were several open issues that it was recommended be closed, but I could
> not find any official vote to do so. I will sweep these up in my
> recommendations.


One editorial comment -- the page headers still denote the doc as issues-06. I
didn't spot this until after publishing it in the doc repository. 


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