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Subject: Issue "states"? (was: [security-services] Updated Issues List)

Presently the issues-07 doc employs two states for issues: open or closed. 

We've danced around the topic of issue "states" on concalls, and a notion of
"deferred" has been at least mentioned. 

So, folding "deferred" in with "open" and "closed", what do folks, especially
Hal, think of these issue state semantics..

  open: the issue's been at least raised. the one raising it is nominal
        unless the mantle is passed (e.g. by someone volunteering and/or the
        tugging sleeves). 

  closed: as Hal puts it "we're never going to talk about it anymore". 

  deferred: we're not going to address this issue in the present in-process
            specification version, but we want to keep the issue around for 
            consideration in future versions. The champion is preserved, and 
            can be changed in the same manner as open issues. 


So, for example, there's likely at least a few issues in issues-07 that we
ought to "defer" rather than simply "close". 

And we want to move open issues to either "closed" or "deferred" because we
need to not have any open issues in order to enter Last Call. 



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