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Subject: Re: [security-services] "Registration" process for third-party SAMLcustomizations

Hi Eve,

The only quibble I would have with this statement is that I don't 
consider further profiling to be an example of SAML "extensibility". In 
most cases, it seems to me that particular groups of SAML users will 
wish to further profile the specifications - by creating new protocol 
profiles, or new authentication classes. In other cases, groups will 
decide to extend the SAML schema (to create new Conditions for example).

But I guess all I would do to your statement below is to amend the first 
couple of sentences to read something like:

"SAML is designed both for extensibility and general applicability. It 
is anticipated that some SAML users may wish to further profile or 
extend the SAML specifications, by custom-designing their own protocol 
profiles, attribute profiles..."
- JohnK

ext Eve L. Maler wrote:

> Forgot to bring this up on today's call.  Any comments?  I don't think 
> we particularly need to rush to get this settled as long as we do it 
> by the time V2.0 is final; it probably needs a quorate discussion, so 
> that'll be Nov 9.  (I think Mary McRae also wanted a chance to 
> convince me that we should be using the OASIS Registry for this...)
>     Eve
> Eve L. Maler wrote:
>> Here's the sort of thing I was thinking of adding to the SAML website 
>> regarding a "registration" process.  What do you all think?
>> ========
>> SAML Customizations:
>> SAML is designed for extensibility, and it is anticipated that some 
>> SAML users will want to custom-design their own profiles, attribute 
>> profiles, authentication context classes, and/or extensions as 
>> appropriate for their purposes.  The SSTC invites third parties who 
>> are customizing SAML to notify us of the existence of their 
>> documented SAML usage so that we can list and link to the documents 
>> on this site.  This listing is intended to help other SAML users more 
>> easily find and use existing customizations.
>> It is expected that any such customization document adhere to any 
>> guidelines set forth in the relevant SAML specification; as one 
>> example of a guideline, each profile must be assigned a unique URI.
>> To notify the SSTC of your customization, use the [link: comment 
>> form].  The SSTC reserves the right not to list any customization, 
>> and no endorsement by the SSTC of any listed customization is implied.
>> If you are an OASIS member and wish to contribute a SAML profile or 
>> other customization to the SSTC for consideration in future work on 
>> SAML, please refer to the OASIS TC process for the proper way to make 
>> a contribution.
>> ========
>>     Eve

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