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Subject: SAML Token Profile (and REL Token Profile) undergoing OASIS Stdballoting

Hi folks-- I thought it might be useful to remind SAML folks that the 
SAML Token Profile spec, in combination with the REL Token Profile spec, 
is in balloting for OASIS Standard status right now.  The ballot closes 
on November 30.  Be sure to get your OASIS rep to vote before the deadline.

The ballot and current voting results can be found here; as of this 
moment, it looks like the Yes votes are at 7% of the OASIS membership 
(15% Yes would be needed):


Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Products, Technologies, and Standards    eve.maler @ sun.com

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