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Subject: Re: [security-services] Question about IPR on the final SAML V2 specs

At this point, you can go to the liberty site to review the disclosures.

A summary of the information there (you can read it yourself if you
like)  -- You should also note that I am not a lawyer and am not
providing you with any kind of legal advice -- get your own lawyers
to do the review):

There are 5 diclosures.

    AOL's is on IDFF and ID-WSF and has issued and non-issued
        patents listed.
    Catavault's is on IDFF but only lists NON-Issued patents.
    Citigroup's is on ID-FF but only lists NON-issued patents.
    Fidelity's is on ID-FF and lists an issued patent.
    Sony's is on ID-WSF (NOT ID-FF).

NON-Issued patents have no standing so Catavault's and Citigroup's
statements are about stuff that was not yet real IP.

Sony's is about ID-WSF, not IDFF, so it doesn't matter in this

So that leaves us with AOL's and Fidelity's statements which both
provide reciprocal royalty free licenses.

I'm not sure which of the 5 participate in the SSTC (other than AOL,
of course) and I don't know if any of them will feel the need to
make statements in OASIS beyond what they have already done in


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