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Subject: LOA profile

In Eric's first draft [1], he listed some open questions/possibilities.

1) representing the 4 NIST LoA as AuthenticationContextDeclarations rather than class schemas

2) adding conformance clauses stipulating for each level the allowed bindings, necessary protection mechanisms etc

Personally, I don't favour either proposal (not that Eric was actually proposing them). #1 would break with the class model as it stands, and #2 would duplicate the stipulations NIST itself makes.

Other thoughts?

Unless I hear objections, I'll proceed with a second draft with the above removed.


[1] - http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/security/download.php/28706/sstc-saml-loa-authncontext-profile-draft-01.pdf

Paul Madsen
e:paulmadsen @ ntt-at.com

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