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Subject: Re: [security-services] Brian Campbell has resigned as co-chair


I'd like to apologize for the rather abrupt nature of this resignation and
offer a brief explanation.

Generally, my regular day to day work at Ping Identity has slowly diverged
from the ongoing work in the SSTC and I've found it increasingly difficult
to stay on top of the SSTC work.

More recently I've had some major changes in family life that have placed
significant additional demands on my time and I've not been able to fulfill
the co-chair role at a level that I feel it deserves.

All this sort of came to a head prior to the last SSTC call when some
personal issues left me in a position where I was unable to put together the
agenda and chair the call.  Hal was kind enough to pick up the slack for me
that day.  However, we both agreed that going forward, given all the other
demands on my time, it probably was not in the best interest of the TC for
me to continue as the co-chair at this time.

I'd like to thank all of you for your support and assistance during my two
years as co-chair.  I've learned a great deal and made a number of friends
in that time (and before).  I intend to stay involved in the SSTC though in
a somewhat diminished capacity and I look forward to continuing to work with
many of you in the TC and beyond.

Brian Campbell

On 3/17/09 1:10 PM, "Hal Lockhart" <hal.lockhart@oracle.com> wrote:

> Brian Campbell has announced that he is resigning as co-chair of the SSTC for
> personal reasons. I thank Brian for his hard work in the time he has been my
> co-chair.
> Although I am willing to take up the slack for a while, I would very much
> prefer to have a co-chair, primarily to have greater flexibility when I am not
> available for the call.
> I therefore ask for nominations for co-chair of the sstc. You can nominate
> yourself. If you nominate someone, they have to say they agree.
> If no one objects, I propose we accept nominations on the list and during the
> next call and ask Mary to conduct an electronic ballot after that.
> I encourage anyone to volunteer. There is some professional visibility
> involved and the time commitment is not major. Certainly it is a lot less work
> than being an author or major contributor to documents. If anyone is
> interested, but wants more information about what is involved, feel free to
> contact me.
> Hal
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