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Subject: Re: tool(s) used to produce "straw man 1"?

Evan Prodromou wrote:
> No, actually, I used ArgoUML, a very nice Java-based GPL'd UML tool.
>         http://www.argouml.org/
> It produces output in XMI-standard format, which should be readable by
> most UML tools.

Cool -- I snarfed it over into a win2k environment and it seems to work -- I can
load & view the source\OasisSS.argo file.

However, we need to get some rough consensus about whether we want to use such a
tool to do (some of our) illustrations -- our presently-roughly-agreed-upon
formats for illustrations are .ppt source and .jpg. 

Now, if BobB comes up with an XML editor that can process XMI-standard files,
then it ought to be able to process ArgoUML output (as well as edit text),


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