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security-use message

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Subject: Minutes 2-21-2001

Darren, could you please post attendance separately?


1. Agenda Adjustment

2. Roll call

3. Recommendation Generation / Voting Process discusion

DP: Proposed resolution process, sent to security-use.

ME: Suggest voting by email. 

NE: What is the format of the ballot?

JH: A list of issue identifiers and possible resolutions -- no

KE: Email should be easily identified as ballot -- with word BALLOT in
    subject line.

DP: What represents consensus? 75%?

ME: Lodging objections.

IR: Concern with recording dissent on issues.

EP: Register dissent by using issues list.

DP: Voting eligibility: present for 2 of last 3 meetings.

ME: Some people participate without attending meetings; those who make
the chair aware can get a "pass" on missing meetings.

NE: At chair's discretion.

DP: Will send list of eligible voting members. Ineligible members will
ask for being added, and barring objections at chair's discretion will
allow voting.

ME: Items where we don't hit consensus will stay on the list.

DP: Abstension, failure to vote. Is 75% percentage of eligible voters,
or percentage of received votes? What is a quorum?

EP: Quorum is 1 person.

DP: What votes are recorded? Record votes on issues list, keep issues
on the list after resolution.

4. TC concall follow-up

	- Strawman 3 for Face 2 Face

EP: Concern with how complete the strawman 3 will be. Making a 4th
straw man.

General: Strawman 3 must be in place by Monday PM.

ZA: Straw man plus issues list? Will issues list be in final form.

DP: Vote on Friday, work till Monday.

	- All comments on security-services after Straw 3

DP: All comments on req'ts must be on main list after Strawman 3.

NE: Does this count for after the F2F?

DP: Yes.

5. Next steps

	- Can we vote on first issue groups (1,3,5) this week for
	  inclusion of results into Strawman 3?

PM: Added as issue group 5 champion.

ZA: Issue group 2 champion, work with PM.

JH: Request for list of issue champions for each group.

IR: IG 11.

DP: Complete ballots by tonight, vote by end of day Friday. Strawman 3
at end of day Monday 26 Feb.

	- Continue to work issue list after Straw3 and before F2F?
          New champs?

	- How do we work with rest of TC after Straw3/F2F?

DP: Continue to work on Strawman 4 after F2F.

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