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Subject: RE: Minutes 2-21-2001

> DP: All comments on req'ts must be on main list after Strawman 3.
> NE: Does this count for after the F2F?
> DP: Yes.

Hi Evan,
Thanks for getting the minutes out so quickly.

My recollection of the above, was that we were going to consider
suggesting to the TC that dicussions go back into the security-use list
after the FTF. 

The reason for this is that we will be unlikely to have finished after
the FTF. However, before the FTF we need to give the whole TC a chance
to review our material. Transfering the discussion to the main list
makes our work more visible to them and hopefully encourages them to
review it.

If we are not done with our work after the FTF, then it seems logical
to continue discussions on the security-use list - anybody who cares
can join that list.  At some point we will probably want to declare
victory (i.e. done).  At that point the list could be closed-down and
further discussions on use cases and requirements would have to take
place on the main list.


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