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Subject: Re: Additional straw man 3 changes

A process-type thought on this topic..

It'd be helpful if you (Darren & Evan) would name the "strawman 3" files per..


And this illustrates an issue with doc-guidelines-02 in that there isn't
anything in there about how to handle html docs comprising many files. 

here's a quick stab at it..


If one's html-based doc has illustrations and/or otherwise comprises multiple
files, the authors should place the files within a "folder" named as-per these
guidelines, except that a filename extension isn't used in the folder's



And then name the top-level (i.e. "root") .html document file within the folder
using this filename plus the extension ".html". If the authors have more than
one top-level .html docs that logically belong together, e.g. a draft and an
"issues" doc, the "issues" doc itself should be named as a draft doc with its
own distinct filename, e.g...


..and it MAY be placed within the same folder its companion drafts, or it MAY
be in a separate folder, itself named according to these conventions.


Does that sound workable?



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